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Monday, December 31, 2012

Nasi Goreng Ayam

Nasi Goreng Ayam for dinner.
When hubby first taste it, with his eyes closed, he grabbed my lap and said "hmmmpphhh, sedap nyeeee!!"..
Perghhh.. aku ingat nak cari gaduh tadi,  tetiba grabbed kaki aku.. over betul his expression dengan kesedapan nasi goreng ayam aku ni..

Clenx Tea - Testimonial

Hi semua..

ok..ok.. sebelum aku teruskan dengan testimonial, better aku cerita macam mana kami boleh terjumpa dengan product ni.

Me and my husband memang dah agak kerunsingan dengan berat badan serta bentuk badan yang naik mendadak selepas kahwin. Bak kata orang secara cliche, orang dah kahwin memang akan naik, sebab hormon la most of the cases.

Kami memang dah lama menyuarakan kerisauan terhadap masalah ini, tetapi malas nak exercise, konon takdak masa sebab kerja keluar pagi balik malam kan.. lepas tu weekend tetap taknak exercise juga sebab malas nak turun naik tangga.. adalah extreme pemalas juga kami ni.. kuikuikui..

Sampai pada suatu hari my husband said " we need to start to drink diet tea".. so aku ni dengan baik hati nak belanja dia diet tea tu but yet we still tak tahu which diet tea product to buy..

Kami singgah kedai jamu, dan dicadangkan diet tea jenama apatah, tapi mak aih mahal nak pengsan, almost rm100 ok!! what was in my mind, bayar rm100, kalau tak kurus mau ralat gak ni.. lepas tu akak kedai jamu tu offer kalau nak murah, beli teh orang kampung, but effect dia sangat teruk, memang cirit birit yang tak terbendung, memang bersahabat dengan toilet la kamu-kamu semua.. terus aku tak jadi nak beli walaupun murah.. huhu..

 so we all pun survey lagi, masuk Guardian, terjumpa la Cleanx tea, murah juga, tak sampai rm50, dalam rm30, tak sampai rm30 pun.. lupa la.. but really cheap.. :)

So first few days, aku prepare the tea for my husband, aku memang tak berani nak minum sebab aku tak percaya.. until aku notice husband akan masuk toilet every morning before pergi kerja.. jelous lak aku, mana boleh dia je yang kurus kan..

So aku pun minum la sekali.. 

Alhamdullilah, setelah hampir sebulan pengambilan teh ini, aku terasa kesan positifnya.

1) aku memang susah nak buang air besar, selalunye sekali dlm 2 3 hari.. dashat kan? masalah penghadaman  sebegini membuat kan badan aku selalu letih, badan berangin dan malas je nak buat apa-apa, rasa nak tidur je kerjanya..
2) lepas minum sekali, aku minum selepas dinner, esok pagi bangun pagi sebelum pergi kerja, mesti akan buang air.. lancar je pembuangan itu..  
3) lepas pembuangan air, perut terasa kempis dan badan terasa ringan.. terasa ramping k.. haha!!
4) setelah hampir sebulan pengambilannya, aku terasa badan semakin ringan, perut pun ala2 kempis.. dan masalah keletihan berkurangan. 
5) kenapa boleh jadi macam tu? cleanx tea ni actually mencuci kita punya usus tau, pada keadaan biasa bila kite buang air besar, pasti akan ada tertinggal sisa-sisa najis degil tertempel di dinding usus, lama kelamaan tempelan najis ini akan bertukar menjadi toksin, dan kesan toksin kepada badan adalah seperti keletihan, angin2, masalah berat badan..
6) sepanjang aku try tea ni, belum pernah lagi aku sakit perut yang tidak terbendung, so far aku boleh handle.. memulas-mulas tu biasa la.. that is the sign of nature call la.. :)
7) as per according to my husband, we shall not stop this diet tea intake, sebab sangat-sangat bagus.. we feel the difference already.. we feel healthier.. and of cause la, untuk kesan yang lebih mendadak kita kena la mengamal kan diet pemakanan yang sihat disertakan juga dengan rutin senaman.. :)
8) Kita orang still takdak masa nak senaman.. sekarang musim hujan.. hahhaahha..! so whatever the reason..


Friday, December 28, 2012

Clenx Tea

Just a quick and short note,

yeahhh.. thats my hand holding the tea pack.. me and hubby have been taking it since last 3 weeks.. i will share our testimony in my later entry.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cekodok Pisang.. Again..

Do you guys still remember my last entry, the day i was so excited to make cekodok pisang but then it turned out to be a nightmare when the cekodok mixture got sticked to the pan..

So, this is the 2nd trial for me.. like before, the cause of the failure was because i used too little of flour. So this time, i am not going to let the same thing to happen. I poured flour to the mixture as if like there will be no tomorrow.. hahaha!!

The final mixture before throwing it into the pan!

Wow!! see that!!  they no more being sticky :)
Siap untuk dimakan!

i am so proud until i packed it and send it to mom's house for them to food test it.. they were so hungry, ye la kan,  they just got back from long vacation and about a week in Beijing, i believe they all must have miss malay kuih muih so much..


Monday, December 24, 2012

mo ahh..

Today after hubby went out for work, i watched tv until suddenly the power supply got tripped. i was blurred for the first 20 second and just sat still. after that i wondered was it only my house got affected or the whole apartment building was?

i was unsure how to ensure until there were voices from outside the balcony. it was conversation among makcik makcik. makcik from level 2 asked makcik at level3, makcik at level 1 interupted the conversation, they were laughing then and it was in mandarin which i hardly understand.

but i was  sure they were complaining about the power trip because at the end of the conversation they mentioned 'mo ahh'.

 which means 'dont have'

so from there i can simply conclude, no electrivity for the whole building.

thank you :

Thursday, December 20, 2012


This morning, drove to HQ office for the briefing on the new management transformation for next year. Been so positive, had teh tarik with office mates and entered briefing hall.

I sat next to Fiza, she started conversation by saying,

"u tau, hari tu Akmal tanya i, u pregnant ke sebab u nampak berisi sikit.."

And i was like.. "what???!!! he notices that i am getting chubbier?? how come? i have been taking diet tea since last two weeks kot.. tak guna punya diet tea.. "

Tonight, i surely going to prepare that tea but with so tea thick one.. until diarrhea.. seriously serious..

I am ok.. i am f..ff....fineeee..

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ugly bird that has beauty inside - part 2

I am so eager to tell out the rest of the story until can't wait for tomorrow to continue... bahabhahaha..!

So, I spent my study time here at kuala pilah, with so much disappointment in me. Woke up in the morning, went to lectures, completed my tutorials, outing, quizzes, exams, holidays and so much more as a college student.

But still, deep in my heart, i envied those who study overseas because that was the thing i had been dreaming for.

After all, Allah is so kind and great.. He gives me what i need.. Alhamdullilah, for my first semester final exam, i got 4.0 pointer and 3.9 pointer for my 2nd semester. I obtained the highest score in physics and Maths exam which is 100%. My parents was so proud of me.. am too so happy to make them proud..

With CGPA 3.95, I got to further degree study in  telecommunication engineering in UM and Alhamdullilah, i managed to get Telekom's scholarship.. Subhanallah.. Alhamdullilah.. Allah has been giving me too much..

I completed degree 4 years after that and being hired by Telekom until now. Alhamdullilah.. thank you Allah..

I do not intend to show off a thing by initiating this entry, it just that i wanted to tell you guys out there, Allah knows the best for you.. we always expect the best for our self right? but by not getting that does not mean its already end of the world.. Allah has created the better story for you.. believe it or not, you got to believe it!!!

To those who faced or has been facing the same experience as me, just be happy and be proud of yourself.. stop being envy and comparing yourself with someone else's life.. The confident and the faith in you will bring you forward to the better future..

To be naughty a bit, my friend who studied in German, turn it down when he failed few subjects, if i am not mistaken, he failed on german language paper.. he then applied for Uniten.. all the best for him then..

so, today if you guys ask me again on my jealousy, i would probably say..

 "studying oversea who???.. sorry.. i am right now busy managing the company's project.. due date about so close already... ah yeah, busy also managing my rumah tangga and my comel husband.. cehcehceh.. i will answer later if have got time..bye.."

Guys, happiness belongs to Allah.. please be thankful to Him if u are happy.. jangan takbur okay!!!

To be continued...


Ugly bird that has beauty inside - Part 1

I know how it feels when you and your friends have been expecting too much to get good results from what you are doing but then only few of your friends got it with flying colours. You failed and have to watch them celebrate and have to witness their pretending-to-be-sympathy face when realize that you are sad.. it brings so much pain okay!!

I used to be in that situation when me and my friend, we obtained good results in SPM, we went for JPA interview for study abroad sponsorship and applied to study engineering in Japan. 

While waiting for the interview results to come out, we were at Negeri Sembilan Matriculation College for minggu suai kenal which took about a week for the students to familiarize themselves with lecturers, lecture halls and all the places in the college area.

Not even reach 1 week there, my friend, she told me that she got a call from JPA and being offered to study in Japan. I was like, really?? congrats..!! faked smile there.. She packed her things and left matriculation. 

I waited and waited the call from JPA and it was only the dissapointment. Seeing few of my friends from the class left matriculation for other offer to study abroad. German laaa.. Japan laa.. korea laa.. I was here spending my 1 year study.

It was so disappointing, you do not gain what you expect and has to see others with opportunity leaving you to achieve what they want.. seriously so sad..

To be continued..

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Semenjak aku berkahwin, aku belum pernah sarung jeans untuk ke mana-mana lagi.. Jeans yang paling mahal dan paling aku sayang, aku tinggalkan ja dalam almari dekat rumah family aku.. tah boleh ke tidak aku menyarungkan jeans itu kembali sebab size aku pun dah berbeza.. haha!!

Aku pun dah tak dak selera nak pakai jeans lagi.. sekarang ni banyak pakai skirt labuh and pallazzo.. selesa sangat..

Hari tu, aku tengah lepak dengan husband aku tepi swimming pool, cuci-cuci mata tengok adik-adik mandi, ada sorang awek ni lalu depan kita orang, t-shirt lengan pendek yang super ketat dan berbonggol-bonggol, dan beliau bertudung.. aku menongkat dagu sambil mengusha ja minah tu jalan-jalan menuju pantai melintasi kolam renang..

"Kenapalah dia pakai macam tu eh wak".. aku tanya husband aku..
Husband aku macam malas nak layan sebab dia tengah ratah kambing kot..

I know, kau akan kelihatan sangat perasan bagus bila kau post entry macam ni, post macam kau sorang je baik, orang lain tak baik.. aku mengaku aku tak baik, aku masih cuba untuk jadi baik dengan memerhati keadaan sekeliling..

aku tak tau kenapa aku pantang tak boleh tengok perempuan pakai tudung tapi pakai lengan pendek..  paling tak boleh kalau t-shirt tu super duper ketat!! macam nothing weh!! aku tau aku bukan tuhan, aku tau aku bukan penentu kau orang masuk syurga atau tak, aku ni pun tak tahu aku layak ke tak..aku just bagitau apa aku rasa... better kau pakai cardigan atau bukak tudung kau.. campak je dalam laut..


Friday, December 14, 2012

Apa masalah kau ni??

Aku dan member lunch dekat Belamy tadi.. dalam pukul 12.30pm kami gerak, lapar sangat-sangat.. sampai belamy, order nasi goreng ayam dengan teh ais.. wahhh sedap sangat.. 

Lepak, borak-borak, azan berbunyi, senyap sekejap, sambung borak lagi..

Restoran dah lengang sebab most man dah pergi solat jumaat, bertambah-tambah best we all borak-borak kan..

Suddenly my friend bersuara, "eh diorg tak pergi solat ke weh??" referring to those guys yang tengah bermuka punggung duduk makan-makan and borak-borak lagi.. padahal orang dah lama start solat jumaat..

"alaaaaa.. biasalah, sekarang ni ada guys yang dah tak segan silu tak solat jumaat k.." aku pun jawab.. 

owh serious, ada ramai gak la yang tak solat dan masih berada di restoran itu, tak kurang juga ada yang baru nak masuk duduk makan, wehhh.. apa masalah kau ni??? malu mana malu??? kalau aku jadi kau, aku lepak sat dalam kereta.. dah pukul 2, aku keluar la.. konon-konon baru sudah solat.. yek!

Sampai office dalam 1.40pm, singgah kantin sekejap beli buah-buahan untuk kunyah time buat kerja, sampai entrance kantin, ada 3 orang mamat, lepak depan kedai, agaknya depa segan tengok aku dengan member aku lalu, konon buat tengok handphone.. geli siot tengok kau orang.. tolong la weh??!! apa masalah kau ni??
Member aku yang naik wheelchair pun pergi solat ok!

Aku bukan nak jadi stereotype kind of person but aku memang dah aim orang macam mamat-mamat ni, memang jenis tak solat.. yang wajib mahupun sunat apatah lagi.. sorry.. aku akan pegang theory ni.. unless suatu hari  aku ternampak orang jenis-jenis kau, muka ala-ala kau, pecahkan tradisi.. 

Serious sedih..

kla bye!

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Aku tak suka makan western food.. tapi kalau orang belanja.. silakan..

Aku bukan jenis berfesyen ikut trend terkini.. aku pakai apa sahaja yang aku selesa.. tapi kadang-kadang aku demoralised gak sebab tak ikut trend, kdang-kadang aku rasa aku dah macam makcik-makcik.. tapi end up aku malas nak fikir, yang penting tak busuk dan dekat rumah haruslah cantik untuk hubby..

Aku cukup tak suka dengar orang bercakap panjang lebar sebab nanti aku akan hilang fokus, lost dan bosan.. end up nya aku akan tanya semula orang lain "eh, dia cakap macam alien, so i tak boleh catch up, u boleh explain kan sikit?" and most of the time, depa semua sangat baik hati, dan sudi explain sampai aku faham..

Aku sangat tak suka buat kerja updating-updating, reporting-reporting project progress to management, aku tak reti, and aku masih rasa ianya macam sampah.. may be sebab aku dah bertahun-tahun duduk dekat operation unit yang cool, best dan simple.. 

Aku nak pergi bercuti berdua-duaan dengan husband aku.. lagi sekali..

Aku rasa macam semakin hari semakin malas nak buat kerja-kerja rumah, namun aku gagahkan diri juga sebab wehhh.. haruslah setimpal dengan mas kawin dan hantaran yang dia dah bayar kat ayah aku kan??

Aku sangat benci bila hari-hari nak kena fikir nak pakai baju apa nak pergi kerja dan kena gosok tudung.. itu belum lagi part tak jumpa baju and tudung yang tak dak matched.. rasa nak ajak husband pergi downtown time tu juga nak pergi cari tudung.. haih..

Hari-hari balik kerja yang bosan, kena fikir nak kena naik tangga tingkat 4.. hari-hari paksa diri untuk positive.. bila lagi nak exercise?? dasar gemok!!!

Aku rasa bila kau hisap rokok dekat restoran, dan jarak meja kau dengan meja orang sebelah sangatlah dekat, kau hembus asap rokok, berkepul-kepul, kau ialah sangat kurang ajar.. kau ialah hodoh, kau ialah busuk.. nasib baik aku tak jerit "woi!!" semalam kat kau.. nasib baik aku dah habis makan.. so aku boleh terus balik..

Aku rasa kau sweet bila kau teman isteri kau yang pregnant jumpa doktor Jumaat hari tu, tapi kau memang good for nothing bila dah  nak dekat pukul 2, kau masih duduk dekat kerusi klinik sambil main ipad.. kalau aku jadi isteri kau, mesti aku dah paksa-paksa kau belah pergi solat jumaat.. tapi may be isteri dia dah suruh kot.. 

Aku dah penat.. penat sangat.. penat apa tah aku pun tak tau la.. aku nak makan lepas tu nak solat..


Monday, December 10, 2012

Sayang Awak..

Dipertengahan waktu lena, terkadang terjaga, lalu tatap wajah sekujur tubuh di sebelahku yang sedang enak diulit mimpi..

Sayang awak..

Sambung tidur semula..


Saturday's breakfast for the two of us :)