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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hai Orang-orang, Sorry lah..

Eh..eh.. awakkkkkkkkkk.. sorrylah if some of you rasa ada one of my entries macam nasty but it's not my fault, to control your mind and perspectives are not within my juridiction..

Orang pervert would take that this way..

Orang alim would think that way..

Si nerdie might say nothing.. mungkin laa..

Ada yang simpan dalam hati jaa.. lepas itu mengata belakang..

Perempuan typical dan tidak cool macam aku maksudkan lain..

It's subjectivelah kan..

Thanks to a friend who reminds me that no one is the same.. :)



cimon said...

seriess nye!

ikhsan said...

Dear. You are so NOT "Perempuan typical dan tidak cool".
You are my ex. And that...gotta be something. It is almost impossible for a dude as awesome as me to make that kind of mistake. I wouldnt have chosen a girl that is typical and uncool as my gf back then.
So, having said that. Never again, say that u r typical or uncool.

Anonymous said...

ikhsan : and that suppose to make her feel better? knowing that she's your ex is maybe the most miserable thing for her. rite anida? haha..

wink wink