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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cekodok Pisang.. Again..

Do you guys still remember my last entry, the day i was so excited to make cekodok pisang but then it turned out to be a nightmare when the cekodok mixture got sticked to the pan..

So, this is the 2nd trial for me.. like before, the cause of the failure was because i used too little of flour. So this time, i am not going to let the same thing to happen. I poured flour to the mixture as if like there will be no tomorrow.. hahaha!!

The final mixture before throwing it into the pan!

Wow!! see that!!  they no more being sticky :)
Siap untuk dimakan!

i am so proud until i packed it and send it to mom's house for them to food test it.. they were so hungry, ye la kan,  they just got back from long vacation and about a week in Beijing, i believe they all must have miss malay kuih muih so much..


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