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Monday, December 24, 2012

mo ahh..

Today after hubby went out for work, i watched tv until suddenly the power supply got tripped. i was blurred for the first 20 second and just sat still. after that i wondered was it only my house got affected or the whole apartment building was?

i was unsure how to ensure until there were voices from outside the balcony. it was conversation among makcik makcik. makcik from level 2 asked makcik at level3, makcik at level 1 interupted the conversation, they were laughing then and it was in mandarin which i hardly understand.

but i was  sure they were complaining about the power trip because at the end of the conversation they mentioned 'mo ahh'.

 which means 'dont have'

so from there i can simply conclude, no electrivity for the whole building.

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