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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ugly bird that has beauty inside - Part 1

I know how it feels when you and your friends have been expecting too much to get good results from what you are doing but then only few of your friends got it with flying colours. You failed and have to watch them celebrate and have to witness their pretending-to-be-sympathy face when realize that you are sad.. it brings so much pain okay!!

I used to be in that situation when me and my friend, we obtained good results in SPM, we went for JPA interview for study abroad sponsorship and applied to study engineering in Japan. 

While waiting for the interview results to come out, we were at Negeri Sembilan Matriculation College for minggu suai kenal which took about a week for the students to familiarize themselves with lecturers, lecture halls and all the places in the college area.

Not even reach 1 week there, my friend, she told me that she got a call from JPA and being offered to study in Japan. I was like, really?? congrats..!! faked smile there.. She packed her things and left matriculation. 

I waited and waited the call from JPA and it was only the dissapointment. Seeing few of my friends from the class left matriculation for other offer to study abroad. German laaa.. Japan laa.. korea laa.. I was here spending my 1 year study.

It was so disappointing, you do not gain what you expect and has to see others with opportunity leaving you to achieve what they want.. seriously so sad..

To be continued..

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