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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ugly bird that has beauty inside - part 2

I am so eager to tell out the rest of the story until can't wait for tomorrow to continue... bahabhahaha..!

So, I spent my study time here at kuala pilah, with so much disappointment in me. Woke up in the morning, went to lectures, completed my tutorials, outing, quizzes, exams, holidays and so much more as a college student.

But still, deep in my heart, i envied those who study overseas because that was the thing i had been dreaming for.

After all, Allah is so kind and great.. He gives me what i need.. Alhamdullilah, for my first semester final exam, i got 4.0 pointer and 3.9 pointer for my 2nd semester. I obtained the highest score in physics and Maths exam which is 100%. My parents was so proud of me.. am too so happy to make them proud..

With CGPA 3.95, I got to further degree study in  telecommunication engineering in UM and Alhamdullilah, i managed to get Telekom's scholarship.. Subhanallah.. Alhamdullilah.. Allah has been giving me too much..

I completed degree 4 years after that and being hired by Telekom until now. Alhamdullilah.. thank you Allah..

I do not intend to show off a thing by initiating this entry, it just that i wanted to tell you guys out there, Allah knows the best for you.. we always expect the best for our self right? but by not getting that does not mean its already end of the world.. Allah has created the better story for you.. believe it or not, you got to believe it!!!

To those who faced or has been facing the same experience as me, just be happy and be proud of yourself.. stop being envy and comparing yourself with someone else's life.. The confident and the faith in you will bring you forward to the better future..

To be naughty a bit, my friend who studied in German, turn it down when he failed few subjects, if i am not mistaken, he failed on german language paper.. he then applied for Uniten.. all the best for him then..

so, today if you guys ask me again on my jealousy, i would probably say..

 "studying oversea who???.. sorry.. i am right now busy managing the company's project.. due date about so close already... ah yeah, busy also managing my rumah tangga and my comel husband.. cehcehceh.. i will answer later if have got time..bye.."

Guys, happiness belongs to Allah.. please be thankful to Him if u are happy.. jangan takbur okay!!!

To be continued...


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